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30 Upper Pads
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Bondezz™ Pad

It’s difficult to find a product for your dentures or partial dentures that is safe, non-toxic, and that really works. You want to smile with confidence, laugh with friends, and eat your favorite foods. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not your denture adhesive is working. For many people, messy, ineffective denture adhesives are just part of wearing dentures. They don’t have to be!

Bondezz™ denture pads were created by a denture wearer for denture wearers with these quality-of-life issues in mind. With Bondezz™, you skip the messy adhesive ingredients and potentially harmful side effects. Instead, you can feel confident in our safe, comfortable, and reliably strong alternative. Bondezz™ is all-natural, easy to insert, and forms a secure bond between your gums and the Bondezz™ denture pads with just a splash of water.

Gone are the days of awful-tasting denture adhesive, scraping denture glue at night, and worrying about your dentures shifting during the day. Now you can smile, laugh, chew, and truly feel your best with Bondezz™.


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