Sample Program

Bondezz™ Sample Pack Program gives the user an opportunity to test the Bondezz™ super suction pads for free; just pay a nominal shipping and handling fee.

Choose your free sample below. Each comes with 4 pads

Bondezz™ Sample PackA – 2 lower denture pads and 2 upper denture pads.

Bondezz™ Sample PackB – 4 lower denture pads.

Bondezz™ Sample PackC – 4 upper denture pads.

$2.69 shipping and handling fee per Sample Pack. You can request up to 2 Sample Packs per household. 2 Sample Packs would be $5.38

To receive your free sample:

  1. Print or type your name and address on either a mailing label OR a 2”x3” pieceof paper
  2. Write a check to Bondezz™ in the amount of $2.69 per sample option
  3. Clearly indicate your choice of option A, B, or C on the check
  4. Mail the check and the label to:

Bondezz™/ Sample Pack
7777 Glades Rd, Ste 100
Boca Raton FL  33434

Your order will be processed upon receipt. Please allow 5 to 7 business days to receive your product.