You deserve to eat, drink, chew, and smile without worrying about your dentures. Bondezz™ makes it easy to do just that with our 100% adhesive-free, water-based technology that forms a strong bond, so you can smile, laugh, enjoy life, and worry about one less thing. Just take a look at what our many happy, smiling customers have to say:



Bondezz is a phenomenal denture pad. It holds my upper denture, lowers don’t rock, and it also is a daily reline, without using adhesive. I will only use Bondezz pad.
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Eli Cohen

It feels as close to having my own teeth as possible. I am amazed how comfortable it is and how it holds so well all day without adhesive.
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John Wolman

I am a full denture user for about 10 years and I still cannot get used to eating with them. When I am at home alone, I eat without them. My ex-wife’s customer sent her a product called Bondezz for me to try. The first time I added the Bondezz pad to my dentures, after 10 minutes, it felt like I had more gum. It minimized the rocking, was comfortable, I was able to chew my food, and it lasted most of the day, without adhesive. The second day I read the instructions again. They said if you have loose fitting dentures, use a second pad. The last time I had my dentures relined was over 2 years ago, which only lasted 3 months (cost $250.00). Due to my loose fitting dentures, I used the second pad, which was better than a relining. I think I will ask my ex-wife to remarry me.
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L. Grey

I have a partial lower plate, and nothing would hold it in place for more than 2 hours. My dentist suggested I use the Bondezz adhesive-free pad. It lasted all day, through all meals, without rocking and without food getting between my plate and gums when I ate and chewed, eliminating pain. I love this product.
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Kerry M.

I wanted to thank you for always getting back to me, most company's don't take the time….I love your product
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Mary Wright

I have tried everything on the market since getting full dentures in July 2020. The glue is nasty and hard to get off of my gums. The ingredients are something I do not want to be absorbed in my body. Today I got your product by mail. I am dancing in the streets. They are comfortable and have a strong hold. They feel so natural. I did have to use two pads because my dentures are loose fitting. I am not a testimonial writer but I want denture wearers to know about this product. Thank you.
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Even dental professionals love Bondezz™! Have a look at this video featuring Rich Resk, a dental technician who specializes in dentures, crowns, and dental appliances. In this short video, Rich talks about the benefits of Bondezz™ pads and explains how to easily apply and remove upper and lower Bondezz™ pads.